Cookie Policy

How we use cookies

We only use Necessary (or Essential) cookies on this website to make it work properly.

We do not use Google Analytics and we don’t share personally identifiable information with any third parties.

This is why our cookie consent only has one option because there are no other cookies to Reject.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on a computer or mobile device by a website.

Each cookie is unique to a web browser and it is only the website that created the cookie that will be able to read the contents of that cookie for security purposes.

The cookie will contain anonymous information such as a unique identifier and the site name and some digits and numbers.

A cookie allows a website to remember information which can be crucial to the operation of the website and your experience with the website.

How are cookies used?

Cookies are used to ‘remember’ information about you, the user, and your interaction with the website.

This will include information such as your unique session (visit) to the website as well as additional data to allow features of the website work properly.

Cookies can also used by analytical software to help the business owner understand how many visits the website is achieving, what pages are most popular, etc.

Usually this information is anonymous and helpful for the business owner to help improve their website which in turn benefits you, the visitor.

What are the different types of cookie?

There are a number of different types of cookie:

Session Cookies

A session cookie will only last for the duration of your visit to the website. These cookies help the website operate properly and provide core functionality.

Permanent Cookies

A permanent cookie will remain on your device but will have a lifetime period, i.e. 6 or 12 months. These cookies can remember such things as the content of your shopping basket or personalisation settings for repeat visits so that elements are position where you want them or options you chose are remembered.

First Party Cookies

A first party cookie is a cookie which is created by the website for the specific use of the website only and can only be read by the website which created it.

The session cookie is a good example of a first party cookie.

Third Party Cookies

A third party cookie is a cookie which has been created by a website or service external to the website you are visiting. This might be Google Analytics or Google Maps for instance and in this situation they provide information valuable for the business owner or functionality that is helpful to you. Cookies can also be used for advertisers, typically in order to help promote products you have already expressed an interest in.

Cookies in use by this website

These are examples of the types of cookie used by this website.

Cookie Name Purpose Type
PHPSESSID used by PHP as a method to keep track of sessions Necessary
_GRECAPTCHA used by our contact form to help protect us from spam Necessary

The exact number of cookies will depend on how you interact with the website and what features you use, including whether you have a login as additional logged-in session cookies are created in order to help keep track of your session while you are logged in.

But why can I see other cookies being created?

Not all cookies are under our control and other cookies may be created dependent on what browser you are using or whether you are logged in to Google or Bing or Microsoft accounts at the time. For instance, Chrome and Google will create cookies such as AEC, NID and SOCS and these provide key functionality that can help your internet experience.

AEC These are cookies which provide a security feature to help prevent malicious websites from acting on your behalf without your knowledge
NID These cookies help remember your browser choices using services such as Google Translate or SafeSearch
SOCS These cookies improve the delivery of search results by being able to provide auto-complete functionality for instance

There are many other different types cookies which will be created by other services and other websites as you use the internet.

Cookies are an important and necessary element of website and browser functionality on the modern internet.

Where can I find out more about cookies?

You can find out more about cookies, what they are and how they work at

If you would like to identify any specific cookies, you can use the Cookie Database and search for specific cookies at

What to do if you don’t want cookies to be set

Please bear in mind that most modern websites need cookies in order to be able to operate and cookies by their very nature are not bad or evil.

You can use your web browser to delete cookies and you can often prevent cookies from being created, although bear in mind this might ‘break’ the website or prevent necessary or essential functionality from being able to work properly.

Alternatively, you can the visit the About Cookies website, which contains comprehensive information on how to control cookies, delete cookies and disable cookies on a wide variety of browsers.

Last updated on 20th June 2024